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While so many factors affect our desire to have sex we're talking stress, work, mental health, just not being arsed etcour menstrual cycle is one of the biggies. And it turns out that ye olde time of the month can also have an impact on our orgasms. Scientific researchers at Clue reveal the best time of the month to have your best climaxes. Your sexual desire is influenced by some of the same hormones that fluctuate with your cycle, like oestrogen and progesterone. Some women may find their sexual desire tends to increase in the days leading up to ovulation and decrease shortly after ovulation is over. Basically, you're at your horniest before you ovulate. In terms of sensation, some experience more satisfaction from an orgasm during this time and more arousal during sex in general.

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Are you a Sex Goddess waiting to bloom?

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#10: Effortless Orgasms - Use These Techniques To Orgasm Easily AND Powerfully Every Time

Considering all the prep you do before sex— shavingbuying lingeriewashing your sheets if you're feeling ambitious —you'd think that most gals just  Netflix and chill  afterward, but that would be wrong. After getting down and dirty, we've got a lot of things to check off our to-do lists, from prioritizing the post-sex pee to assessing that spot on the bed. You guys were going at it for more than 20 minutes? New personal best! Give yourself a pat on the back, you sex panther, you.

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