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No radioactive spider bite, atomic explosion, or shadowy experiment granted the medium the sort of ability that would have allowed it to arrive on earlyth-century drugstore racks as glossy, fully formed vehicles for sophisticated entertainment. Rather, it took a steady progression over the course of more than 75 years for the form to fully understand, and then harness, its powers. When the first comics arrived on newsstands in the early s, they were a cynical attempt to put old wine in new bottles by reprinting popular newspaper comic strips. Cheaply printed and barely edited, those pamphlets were not what a critic at the time would have called high art. Yet today, the medium is flourishing in ways its ancestors could never have imagined. We chose to focus on individual pages rather than complete works, single panels, or specific narrative moments because the page is the fundamental unit of a comic book. It is where multiple images can allow your eye to play around in time and space simultaneously, or where a single, full-page image can instantly sear itself into your brain.

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Dutch comics are comics made in the Netherlands. In Dutch the most common designation for the whole art form is "strip" short for "stripverhaal" — "strip story" —though the old-fashioned expression "beeldverhaal" — "picture story" — remains utilized on occasion, particularly in formal texts and treatises on the subject matterwhereas the word "comic" is used for the usually soft cover American style comic book format and its derivatives, typically containing translated US superhero material. This use of the in colloquial Dutch adopted English word for that format can cause confusion in English language texts. Since the Netherlands share the same language with Flandersmany Belgian comics and Franco-Belgian comics have also been published there, the latter in translation. Likewise and though available, Flemish comic books are not doing that well in the Netherlands and vice versa, save for some notable exceptions, especially the Willy Vandersteen creation Suske en Wiske Spike and Suzy which is as popular in the Netherlands as it is in native Flanders.

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